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Body Crafted withAviation aluminium

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Blood Oxygen Monitoring

The X2 allows you to monitor your blood oxygen saturation level and continuously move towards improving and staying healthy in the immediate & long run.

  • True Heart monitor for accurate reading
  • 1.4" TFT IPS big screen
  • Body crafted with Aviation aluminium
  • Customizable dial
  • Available for Android & IOS
  • Realtek RTL8762CK chipset
  • Multiple Sports activities

Watch Straps

One button strap removal will allow you to change other straps with different colours according to your mood and occasion. Straps are made up of best quality food-grade silicone material that is skin- friendly and comfortable to wear.


Stay Connected All Day With Smart Notifications

Keep Your Phone Aside Because All-Day Activity Tracking Allows You To Stay Connected With Your Work And Loved Ones. Receive App Alerts, Messages, Email From Your Favourite Apps And Get Notified On Your Max Pro X2 Smartwatch.


Sleep Tracking

This Watch Comes With Intelligent Sleep Tracking Technology That Monitors Your Sleep With Accuracy. Get Your Sleep Results Showing How Much You Slept Deep And Light.


Music Control

No Need To See Your Phone Every Time. Control your tune from your wrist. Get The Title Of A Song, Next And Previous Button, Play/Pause Button And Control Music Volume From Your Watch.


Camera Control

Are you a selfie lover and feel like taking a group selfie when no one is around to take a photograph? No worries, your Max Pro X2 provides a shutter application to take care of that, place your phone at a distance and open shutter app in the smartwatch. Go to YFit app and open Easy Camera option in the "Device" option and shake your smartwatch to take pictures, That's it. Your moments are captured with ease.


IP68 Water-Resistant

Going for adventure? Suddenly it starts raining? Don’t worry your X2 watch comes with IP68 level waterproof rating that allows you to use it while having cold shower, swimming but not diving and also protects your watch from dust, dirt and sand


Saw a nice photo? Get it right away on your X2

Customize your X2 with the image of your choice. Change your watch face on Demand. You can also choose from the preset dials from the cloud-based dials.


Best in class Chipset

Your Smart Watch is incorporated with Realtek RTL8762CK chipset providing your Watch with higher performance, faster operations and optimized battery life. Realtek is one of the leading taiwanese brands committed to create unique and innovative design for a broad range of high tech applications.


Sports Activities

11 Multiple Sports activities to suit all your needs. The MAX Pro X2 has Running, walking, Climbing, Yoga, Skipping, Fitness, Cycling, Football, Basketball, Badminton and swimming.



Normal usage scenario : 9- 10 days
Default dial, Manual heart rate, 4-5 app alerts, 75% brightness, Sleep monitoring enabled , Lift the wrist 100 times a day.

Heavy usage scenario : 5- 6 days
Customized dial, Automatic heart rate on, 7-8 app alerts, 80%-90% brightness, Sleep monitoring ena bled, Lift the wrist 100 times a day.

Standby Time : 30 days
Bluetooth off, using watch for normal functions.

Supported Devices

Android versions 5.0 and above

IOS versions 9.0 and above



Max Pro X2


35 x 46 x 10 mm

Strap Material

Food grade Silicone

Strap Length

90 x 121 mm


30 g (Watch Head), 59.2 ( Watch Head + Straps)

Water Proofing


Body Material

Aviation Grade aluminium

Display Resolution

320 x 320

Touch Screen

1.4-inch (3.5 cm) TFT IPS Ultra Retina Screen


2.5 D curved, 9H tempered glass




Pure cobalt polymer lithium Battery



Charging Time

Less than 2 hrs.

Charging Method

Sturdy Clip Charger

Battery Life

9–10 Days under Normal Usage Scenario, 5-6 Days under heavy usage scenario and Standby time of 30 Days

Supported Devices

Android 5.0 / IOS 9.0 and above

In the box

Charger, Service Manual/ Guarantee card


1 year. Please make sure to activate your warranty

Supported App

YFit App

Strap Colours

Black, Pink, Gold, Silver

Why Choose Product


Download YFit APP

Download YFit app from Google play store on your smartphone Open YFit app and register on app by providing your basic information Allow all permissions to the app

Connecting your Watch:

Go to Device in YFit app and click on Add Device on the top of the screen Your watch icon will show up in a while and connect with your Watch by clicking on it Congratulations, your Watch is now linked with the smartphone and start exploring different features.

[Note: Please allow APP Background run Permissions in Device option in YFit app to avoid any connectivity issues]

Product Demo

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Connecting your smartwatch

    Q How to connect your Max Pro X2 with your phone?

    Download the YFit app from play store / app store. Give necessary permissions and fill in some details to register your profile.

    Go to Devices in the YFit app and click on Add device and search for your watch

    Click on the Max Pro X2 icon to successfully connect your watch with your smartphone

    Your watch is now successfully connected. Enjoy exploring the great features of your Max Pro X2

    Q Why is my watch not connecting with a smartphone?

    Please ensure your Max Pro X2 must be connected through YFit App only [Note: Do not connect your smartwatch with mobile phone’s Bluetooth in settings. If already paired, please unpair it from the Bluetooth paired devices list.]

    Q How to sync data with an app?

    Once a successful connection is made with a smartphone, your data is automatically synced with the phone.

    Q Can any other app sync my data?

    Yes, It can sync with Google fit app via YFit app through a third-party app in the device option.

  • Battery and Charging

    Q How many days will my X2’s battery last?

    Your watch is fully optimized to get enhanced battery life. Under the Normal usage scenario, it will give a battery life of 9 – 10 Days and for Heavy usage scenario, 5 – 6 days of battery life.

    Normal Usage Scenario -Default dial, Manual heart rate, 4-5 app alerts, 75% brightness, Sleep monitoring enabled, Lift the wrist 100 times a day.

    Heavy Usage Scenario: Customized dial, Automatic heart rate on, 7-8 app alerts, 80%-90% brightness, Sleep monitoring enabled, Lift the wrist 100 times a day.

    X2 comes with a standby time of 30 days. Standby time denotes when your watch is used as a regular watch with Bluetooth off.

    Q How much time does it take to charge?

    It takes up to 2 hours to charge fully. You cannot use your watch while charging.

    Q How can I check Battery Levels?

    Go to the “about” option in your smartwatch and see the battery level indicator from there

    Q How can I improve the battery life?

    You can improve battery life by not overcharging the watch, Keeping brightness levels up to 50 % and keeping the automatic heart rate monitor off.

    Q Which adapter can I use to charge?

    Please use the charging cable given by the company in smartwatch box. Do not use a fast charger or adapter with a high power-rating as it will affect the battery’s life and may damage the watch.

  • Resetting Your watch

    Q Why do I need to reset my X2?

    If your watch is not working properly or getting trouble while connecting with your smartphone, Kindly reset your watch to get it solved. Go to the settings option in your X2 and reset your watch from there.

  • Supported Devices

    Q Can I connect my X2 watch with an Android phone?

    Yes, Android versions 5.0 and above are supported

    Q Can I connect my X2 watch with iPhone?

    Yes, IOS versions 9.0 and above are supported

  • General Functions

    Q Can I make calls using X2?

    It does not support the calling feature, but you can get call alerts on your smartwatch and reject or silence it quickly from your watch.

    Q Can I take photos with Max Pro X2?

    No, your watch does not include a camera, but you can take photos with the mobile phone using YFit app and click with your X2 watch using the shutter app.

    Q How can I monitor sleep using my watch?

    Your watch comes with an Intelligent sleep monitor, which automatically measure how much you slept deep and light. You must wear a watch while sleeping to get this data.

    Q Can Max Pro X2 be used without a phone?

    Yes, you can use it as a regular watch without connecting to your phone. It will show time according to the last connected time zone.

    Q Can X2 be used to send text messages?

    You cannot send text messages, but you can turn on your message notifications and get notified directly on your watch.

    Q Can I wear Max Pro X2 while having a shower?

    Yes, you can wear it while having a shower. Your watch comes with a level IP68 rating water-resistant technology. [Please Note: Watch isn’t suitable for hot baths, hot springs, saunas, snorkelling, diving, water skiing and other wading or deep-water activities with high-speed water flow.]

    Q Can I change the vibration strength?

    This feature is not currently supported.

    Q How can I increase the brightness level?

    Go to settings in your X2 and click on the brightness option and adjust it accordingly.

    Q Which sports activities are supported by X2?

    Currently, It supports Walk, Run, Cycling, Climb, Yoga, Basketball, Football, Badminton, Skip and Swim

    Q How can I check my activities data?

    Your watch will automatically sync data with the phone. Check all your activities historical data from YFit app.

    Q How can I change watch Faces?

    You can personalize your X2 watch with any of the preloaded watch faces on the YFit App. You can also customize the watch face with your picture or photographs of your loved ones from your album.

    Go to “Device” in App and select Watch Faces option and choose one with the “Edit” option for customizing with images from your gallery or choose one from cloud-based dials.

  • Warranty

    Q Does my X2 have a warranty?

    Yes, your product is covered with a 1-year manufacturing warranty from the date of purchase. You must activate your warranty by Clicking here

    Q Where can I register for the warranty?

    Please register your watch to get X – Assured Service Quality and regular software updates. Click Here to register

  • Trouble Shooting

    Q Why is X2 not showing alerts?

    Please make sure your X2 is connected and in range with the smartphone to show app alerts. If it is not showing app alerts after taking all the necessary steps, this might be the following reasons:

    • As the Android phone background process will automatically clean up the less used software, it will cause the Watch to go offline and no longer push messages.
    • Ensure that the applications that needed to be notified by X2 must be logged in via the smartphone to which your watch is connected. In case the notification is already read by another device (other smartphone & computer (Ipad) ) in which the application is logged in, the watch may not show the notification.

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