Dynamic Interface

Larger than ever big screen is going to enhance your experience. The 1.7" large touch retina screen is curved with 2.5D glass and created with an ultra-bright screen topping of 400 Nits for a crystal clear display.


Bluetooth Calling

Max Pro X6 comes with an inbuilt mic and a high definition speaker to take incoming calls through your smartwatch. Now receiving & making calls is easier with the improved and advanced technology.

  • Bluetooth Calling
  • In Built Speaker
  • In Built Microphone

Keep A Track On Your Health. Anytime, Anywhere

Measure your blood oxygen levels and heart rate on the go with an optical heart rate sensor. Get data of up to 6 days on your watch and manage your workouts and health effectively


Massively Inspiring

With the all new Max Pro X6, track your everyday performance with multiple sports modes like running, walking, climbing, swimming, football and more. Thanks to the larger display, you can see the metrics more clearly.

  • Multiple Sports Modes

Be Vibrant Everyday

Customize your watch dial on demand. Choose the picture of your choice from your phone gallery or from the 100+ cloud-based dials.


Intelligent AI Sleep Monitoring

The X6 smart watch runs on the latest AI technology for tracking sleep. Get your sleep data, X6 comes with an in-depth sleep monitoring, showing deep and shallow sleep analysis to manage your health seamlessly. More detailed data analysis can be viewed in the app simultaneously.

  • AI Sleep Monitoring

Be Socially Connected

Never miss out on any important notifications. Stay connected all day with smart notifications. Receive calls, app alerts, messages, email, and social media notifications on your Max Pro X6. Download Da Fit app for Android 5.0 / IOS 9.0 and above.

  • Smart Notifications

Battery That Never Fails To Amaze

Max Pro X6 contains extensive power backup. On a single charge, it can extend upto 3 days with calling feature On; upto 10 days with calling feature Off and upto 20 days on stand-by.


IP 67 Water Resistant

Max Pro X6 is an IP67 rated product, and is deemed suitable to withstand dust and dirt, and is impenetrable to submersion up to a maximum depth of 1m underwater for up to thirty minutes.


Beat That Never Stops

Control your tune from your watch. Control next and previous button, play/pause button.

  • Music Control

List and Honeycomb View

Sometimes placing all the apps in the “List View” makes your day. At other times, simply rearranging the app icons gives a slightly refreshed honeycomb look to the app view.



Max Pro X6


43 x 36 x 11 mm

Strap Variant


Strap Length

95 x 120 mm


30 gm (Watch Head) 44gm (Watch Head + Strap)

Water Resistant


Body Material

Premium Dual Coated Casing


Ultra Bright Screen Topping 400 Nits

Touch Screen

1.7” HD Bigger screen


BT 5.0

Calling Feature

Dial Pad, Recent Calls, Favourite Contacts


Advanced Realtek Chipset RTL8762D

Charging Time

2 hours

Charging Method

Magnetic Pin Charger

Battery Life

8 - 10 days (With Calling Function OFF) 3 days (With Calling Function ON) in normal usage scenario; 5- 6 days (With Calling Function OFF) 2 Days ( With Calling Function ON) in heavy usage scenario.

Supported Devices

Compatible with iOS 9.0 / Android 5.0 & above.

In the box

Charger, Pairing Card, User Manual/ Warranty card


1 year. Please make sure to activate your warranty

Supported App

Da Fit app

Colour Variants

Black, Silver, Gold with Peach Strap, Gold with Black Strap

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to connect your Max Pro X6 with your phone?

    Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth and GPS. Make sure the watch is not connected to any other devices. • Download [Da fit]—[App Device] Tap on [Add a Device] select [MAX PRO X6] to pair it.

  • How to connect to the calling feature?

    Go to your Smartphone’s Settings and go to the Bluetooth option. Find MAX PRO X6_XXXX in the Available device list and pair it for calling function. As per default settings, the voice will go to the watch’s speaker.

  • How to sync data with an app?

    Once a successful connection is made with a smartphone, your data is automatically synced with the phone.

  • How many days will my X6’s battery last?

    Normal usage scenario: 8 - 10 days (With Calling Function OFF): Default dial, Manual heart rate, 4-5 app alerts, 60% brightness, Lift the wrist 50 times a day.

    3 days (With Calling Function ON): Receiving 10- 12 Calls through Watch, not using watch speakers for other apps, 60% Brightness, Manual Heart Rate, Lift the wrist 50 times a day, 3-4 app Alerts.

    Heavy usage scenario: 5- 6 days (With Calling Function OFF): Customized dial, Automatic heart rate ON, 7-8 app alerts, 80%brightness, Lift the wrist 100 times a day.

    2 Days (With Calling Function ON): Receiving 13-15 Calls through Watch, Using watch speakers for other apps (1-2 hours usage), Automatic Heart Rate On, 4-5 App Alerts, Lifting the wrist 100 times a day. 20 Days Standby: Bluetooth off, using watch for normal.

    X6 comes with a standby time of 20 days. Standby time denotes when your watch is used as a regular watch with Bluetooth off.

  • How much time does it take to charge?

    It takes up to 2 hours to charge fully. You cannot use your watch while charging.

  • How can I check Battery Levels?

    On the main interface, the battery level indicator is shown.

  • How can I improve the battery life?

    You can improve battery life by not overcharging the watch, Keeping brightness levels up to 50 % and keeping the All-day heart rate monitor off.

  • Which adapter can I use to charge?

    Please use the charging cable given by the company in the smartwatch box. Do not use a fast charger or adapter with a high power-rating as it will affect the battery’s life and may damage the watch. Adapter power rating of 5W (5V/1A) is recommended.

  • Why do I need to reset my X6?

    If your watch is not working properly or getting trouble while connecting with your smartphone, kindly reset your watch to get it solved. Go to the settings option in your X6 and reset your watch from there.

  • Can I connect my X6 watch with an Android phone?

    Yes, Android versions 5.0 and above are supported

  • Can I connect my X6 watch with my iPhone?

    Yes, IOS versions 9.0 and above are supported

  • How can I monitor sleep using my watch?

    Your watch comes with an in-depth sleep monitoring, showing deep and shallow sleep analysis to manage your health seamlessly. You need to wear the watch while sleeping to get data

    Please Note: Intelligent AI Sleep Monitoring Algorithm records sleep under the following Condition:

    1) Watch will measure sleep only between 20:00-10:00

    2) The watch sensor data confirm to the mode of sleep

    3) The Watch must not be placed horizontally and side face vertically on the table. In this case watch do not consider the sleep and will show no data

    Conditions in which sleep data is not shown:

    1) High frequency movement within 1 minute, watch will consider into the waking state

    2) Continue movement more than 3 minutes, watch will consider in this case also into the waking state and sleep mode get turned off

  • Can Max Pro X6 be used without a phone?

    Yes, you can use it as a regular watch without connecting to your phone. It will show time according to the last connected time zone.

  • Can X6 be used to send text messages?

    You cannot send text messages, but you can turn on your message notifications and get notified directly on your watch.

  • Can I wear Max Pro X6 while having a shower?

    Yes, you can wear it while having a shower. Your watch comes with a level IP67 rating water-resistant technology. [Please Note: Watch isn’t suitable for hot baths, hot springs, saunas, snorkeling, diving, water skiing and other wading or deep-water activities with high-speed water flow.]

  • Can I change the vibration strength?

    This feature is not currently supported. However, you can turn vibration on/off as per your need from the watch.

  • How can I increase the brightness level?

    Swipe down from the main interface and click the brightness icon to increase/decrease the brightness.

  • How can I check my activities data?

    Your watch will automatically sync data with the phone. Check all your activities historical data from Da Fit app.

  • How can I change watch Faces?

    You can personalize your X6 watch with any of the preloaded watch faces on the Da Fit App. You can also customize the watch face with your picture or photographs of your loved ones from your album. Go to “Device” in the App and select the Watch Faces option and choose one with the “Edit” option for customizing images from your gallery or choose one from cloud-based dials.

  • Can you take a photo/video with it?

    No, currently it doesn't have a camera, but you can take the photos from your mobile phone with the help of shutter option in the watch.

  • Can I switch the straps of the watch?

    Yes, you can easily remove straps and change with a new one. It supports a 20 mm strap size.

  • Can I control volume from the watch while calling?

    Yes, you can easily control volume by +/- sign during the calling interface shown in the watch.

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