How do I pair my smart watch with my smartphone?
To pair your smart watch with your smartphone, you'll need to download and install the compatible app from the app store (e.g., Android Play Store or Apple App Store). Follow the instructions provided in the app to connect and pair your smart watch with your smartphone via Bluetooth.
What operating systems are compatible with your smart watches?
Our smart watches are compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems. For Android devices, you'll need to have version 4.4 or above, and for iOS devices, you'll need to have version 9.0 or above.
Can I make and receive phone calls with the smart watch?
Yes, depending on the model, some of our smart watches support making and receiving phone calls directly from the watch. You can sync your contacts and use the built-in speaker and microphone to make and receive calls without needing to take out your smartphone.
Can I reply to messages and notifications from the smart watch?
Yes, our smart watches allow you to read and reply to messages and notifications directly from your wrist. You can compose text messages, use pre-set replies, or dictate messages using voice commands, depending on the capabilities of the watch and the paired smartphone.
Are your smart watches water-resistant?
Yes, most of our smart watches are water-resistant to some degree. However, the level of water resistance may vary depending on the model. We recommend checking the product description or contacting our customer support team for specific details about each smart watch's water resistance capabilities.
Can I track my fitness activities with the smart watch?
Absolutely! Our smart watches come with various fitness tracking features, such as step counting, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and more. You can use the accompanying app to view and analyze your fitness data, set goals, and track your progress.
How long does the battery of the smart watch last?
Battery life varies depending on the model and usage patterns. Generally, our smart watches have a battery life of 1-3 days on average. However, features like continuous heart rate monitoring, GPS usage, and screen brightness settings can impact battery performance.
Can I customize the watch face on my smart watch?
Yes, you can customize the watch face on most of our smart watches. You can choose from a variety of pre-loaded watch faces or download additional watch faces from the app store. Customizable watch faces allow you to personalize the appearance of your smart watch.
What warranty do you offer for smart watches?
Our smart watches come with a manufacturer's warranty that covers any manufacturing defects. The warranty period may vary depending on the model and is mentioned in the product description. However, the warranty does not cover damages caused by misuse or normal wear and tear.
How can I contact your customer support team for smart watch-related queries?
If you have any questions or need assistance with your smart watch, you can reach out to our customer support team by visiting our "Contact Us" page on the website. We provide multiple contact options, including email, phone, and live chat. Our support team is available during business hours and will be happy to assist you.

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